Garage Door Spring Replacement

Garage Door Torsion and Extension Spring Replacement

Garage door springs are among the most vital parts of the garage door that need care because they directly affect the functionality of the door. Keeping them in the best condition is thus the best way to reduce problems with them. However, you need to realize that unlike other parts, garage door springs can be dangerous to handle if you are not a specialist. You, therefore, need to seek help from experts when you need garage door spring replacement or repair. We are experts in this area, and you can consult us in Venice for help. We offer high-quality replacement services for both residential and commercial garage doors.

Don’t Replace the Spring Yourself, Call Us for Safety and Quick Service

Garage door springs usually break once they exhaust their cycles. When that happens, and it’s time to get new ones, don’t do the replacement yourself because it’s dangerous and can result in severe injuries or even death. For safety and avoidance of such dangers, we advise you to seek help from our Garage Door Los Angeles Company. We offer the best services, and you can always count on us for exceptionally safe and excellent garage door spring replacement. Call us immediately you see any of the following signs that might be an indication of broken springs:

  • The door won’t open the whole way
  • The door can’t open at all
  • It goes up an inch only or more
  • Gap between the coils

Any of the above and other signs are a signal that your garage door springs have a problem and there is a need for you to take action and have them replaced. If you’ve been operating your door for years and haven’t replaced springs, then it is good you also hire us to inspect it and assess it if replacements are desirable. We will make sure that we check everything, so we take the best moves to give your door the best working condition. The one good thing with us is the fact that all our garage door spring replacement services are offered at very competitive rates.

We Fix Both Torsion and Extension Springs

Our experts can repair both extension and torsion springs. Remember that these two types of springs are a little bit different from each other. That’s why some service providers only specialize in a one. For us, however, we provide reliable and prompt services irrespective of the type of spring you have. All our techs have undergone a training to equip them with necessary skills for fixing garage door springs whether they are torsion or extension. To enjoy these services, contact our Garage Door Los Angeles Company in Venice, and we will not hesitate to deploy our garage door spring replacement specialists to assist you.